Daily Create 1



TDC 29 

“Make a photo of something upside down that is never seen that way”

This is a picture i took back home in Los Angeles. The picture overlooks the pacific ocean and a long stretch of lights leading to Malibu. I thought it would be interesting to flip this image due to the contrast between the sky, ocean, and land.

TDC 30

“Share an image of a place that you lose things in your house”

I dont know why, but i always lose things in my shoes. Whether it be 10YEN, or my house keys. I guess i have a habit of throwing small things into shoes i dont wear in my house. I know, i’m weird.

TDC 31

TDC: 31 by lei_187
TDC: 31, a photo by lei_187 on Flickr.

“Create a photograph that represents the happiest or most memorable moment in your life”

I chose the original photo from my last TDC for this particular assignment. It’s hard to define the most memorable moment in my life…but this spot is definitely special to me.

I took this photo at a “hidden spot” by my high school in Los Angeles. I would often come here with my friends and girlfriend after school. We would spend hours just looking over the pacific. When it got dark, the lights would drift us away into another world. I have had countless “memorable moments” at this location. I still visit the place whenever i get a chance to go back home.


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