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Assignment: Choose the sentence from the first five paragraphs of Gardner Campbell’s Personal Cyberinfrastructure essay that most appeals to you. Briefly describe how and why that sentence appeals to you (one or two paragraphs should suffice – unless you need more).


“At the turn of the century, higher education looked in the mirror and, seeing its portals, its easy-to-use LMSs, and its “digital campuses,” admired itself as sleek, youthful, attractive. But the mirror lied.”

Campbell stresses the importance of higher education embracing the ever-changing content of the digital world, and incorporating those elements into their system.This particular sentence caught my attention because it couldn’t be more true. In today’s day and age, basic HTML is not enough to properly perpetuate higher education to the next level. Higher education institutes nationwide are too content with their (much too late) implementation of basic online features. It is vital that higher education use more complex elements from the digital web in order to move forward as an institution. Both faculty and students must have a decent understanding of the web, and should be able to use it to their advantage. . Online grades, adding and dropping of classes are a thing of the past. The institutions must strive for more complex elements in order to stay relevant in the online world. Both the faculty and students must embrace these elements in order to perpetuate forward. Being satisfied with basic online features won’t get you far. The web changes in a blink of an eye. The web doesn’t stop for anyone, so neither should the education sector. It is vital for higher education to move forward with the changing content and features of the web.

Keep up and stay up!

  1. lockmantuj says:

    Well done Lei. I enjoyed reading your response to the sentence you selected.

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