Cyber-crime: Infographic Analysis (MAY 2011)

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was in charge of the “MAY” analysis for our infographic.

This particular section dealt with stolen credit card information across America throughout the year 2011. According to this infographic, following a credit card breach, 200000 credit card users’ information has been stolen. What wasn’t noted in the infographic was the specific bank, which happened to be citi bank (after further research). I looked into the source, and found no particular problems with the claim. What i did find (after further exploring the event), was a higher number of stolen credit card info from the same source at a later date. The number was actually closer to 360,000 stolen credit cards (source). I wasn’t able to confirm the cost of the event, which (according to the infographic), was $22 million.

The following three statistics concerning Hong Kong, Brazil, and America comes straight from Unisys’ (the company responsible for the infographic itself) website. Being a rather large company, it can be assumed that the information provided is relatively accurate. These stats were taken directly by Unisys via country survey.

Overall, the information i explored seemed to be legitimate, and had credible sources. I would have liked to see a source for the $22 million cost claim, but other than that, i thought that this (portion of the) infographic had proper sources and offered reliable information. Furthermore, the information was provided in a very “viewer friendly” manner. One does not have to be tech savvy or an “internet geek” to decipher and understand this infographic.

  1. NOMNOMreeses says:

    You found a very interesting infographic topic. I believe it’s something that’s really important to be aware of, considering all the technology that is available today.

  2. I like your analysis! It looks like you read about somebody’s mistakes… hmmmm….

  3. lockmantuj says:

    I’m not we can presume anything Unisys is telling us. It seems they have a big dog in the fight here.

    This is one of my beefs with the infographic craze. It seems to be more of a PR ploy by companies like this instead of a genuine effort to enlighten the populace.

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