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Posted: January 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Create a movie poster (most likely a variation of the “minimalist movie poster” assignment)


I used both photoshop and a flash based website to create this particular assignment. I grabbed an image of Ted Nelson from google, cropped the image using photoshop, the inserted it into the poster base. Then, i cleaned up the image using photoshop and pixelated the picture of Ted Nelson to give it a retro look. Finally, i proceeded to enter all the text for the poster (title, subtitle, rating, etc).


So why is Ted Nelson starring in this movie? Well, he was a pioneer in information technology. That is, the processing and storage of information (to put it simply). In the 1960s, Nelson founded “Project Xanadu”, an attempt to create a large-scale computer network. Unfortunately, Project Xanadu never made it to the “big screen” (no pun intended). It failed to become a technological phenomenon. Nonetheless, Nelson pioneered the idea of information technology, and should be praised for the contributions he has made.

Fun fact: Ted Nelson’s mom was an Academy award winning actress, and his father was an Emmy award winning director.

  1. NOMNOMreeses says:

    I love how Keanu Reeves is starring. XD niiiice…

  2. lockmantuj says:

    Great – this is very cool. Can you add a link to the Flash site you used, please?

    That’s such a great picture of Ted. He looks like a rock star.

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