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January 23, 1952

BREAKING NEWS: Alan Turing (technology pioneer) convicted of gross indecency.

Alan Turing, a pioneer in the field of computer science, was convicted of gross indecency after Arnold Murray (his male lover) broke into his very house which lead to an investigation of their relationship. As i’m sure you are already aware, homosexual relationships are strictly forbidden in the United Kingdom. Under section eleven of the 1885 Criminal Law Amendment Act, homosexual behavior and activity is considered as gross indecency and shall be punished to the full extent of the law.

According to reports, Arnold Murray visited Turing’s house in Manchester multiple times before deciding to break into his house at a later time. It can be assumed that Murray worked with another partner and spilled information regarding the layout of Turing’s house in order to successfully break in. Following this event, Turing’s colleagues began avoiding him due to his “exposure”. In the United Kingdom, being exposed as a homosexual is the same as being labeled as a sexual predator. It’s a terrible label to have slapped on one’s forehead.

Turing went on trial, faced with twelve charges of gross indecency. He pleaded guilty on all twelve charges, and managed to avoid jail time. Instead, he was sentenced with mandatory treatment with a psychologist / medical practitioner.


My thoughts on the issue:

As i was researching information regarding Alan Turing, i came across a few articles that talked about his gross indecency charge in 1952. I clicked on the article thinking he urinated in public (or something along those lines), but was shocked to find out that he was charged with gross indecency for being a homosexual. WHAT? In the 1950s (In the UK), homosexuality was not only looked down upon, but it was also a crime. Arrests like Turing’s were common at the time, which is an extremely scary thought. Around 60 years ago, homosexuality was essentially banned and punishable by law in the United Kingdom.

  1. Paul says:

    What happened to Turing is very sad, especially with how much he’s contributed to the advancement of technology.

  2. gabbalabba says:

    Good find! I am sad that it is true, I thought it was made up at first. Can you link back where you got the info? i am interested in reading more.

  3. lockmantuj says:

    Yes, please edit the post to include the links if you can track them down. Not everyone will take the time to visit the comments section.

    I appreciate the thoughtful treatment you’ve given to Turing’s story here.

  4. More on the persecution and chemical castration of Alan Turing at the end of this article:

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