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Movie Poster

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Create a movie poster (most likely a variation of the “minimalist movie poster” assignment)


I used both photoshop and a flash based website to create this particular assignment. I grabbed an image of Ted Nelson from google, cropped the image using photoshop, the inserted it into the poster base. Then, i cleaned up the image using photoshop and pixelated the picture of Ted Nelson to give it a retro look. Finally, i proceeded to enter all the text for the poster (title, subtitle, rating, etc).


So why is Ted Nelson starring in this movie? Well, he was a pioneer in information technology. That is, the processing and storage of information (to put it simply). In the 1960s, Nelson founded “Project Xanadu”, an attempt to create a large-scale computer network. Unfortunately, Project Xanadu never made it to the “big screen” (no pun intended). It failed to become a technological phenomenon. Nonetheless, Nelson pioneered the idea of information technology, and should be praised for the contributions he has made.

Fun fact: Ted Nelson’s mom was an Academy award winning actress, and his father was an Emmy award winning director.


January 23, 1952

BREAKING NEWS: Alan Turing (technology pioneer) convicted of gross indecency.

Alan Turing, a pioneer in the field of computer science, was convicted of gross indecency after Arnold Murray (his male lover) broke into his very house which lead to an investigation of their relationship. As i’m sure you are already aware, homosexual relationships are strictly forbidden in the United Kingdom. Under section eleven of the 1885 Criminal Law Amendment Act, homosexual behavior and activity is considered as gross indecency and shall be punished to the full extent of the law.

According to reports, Arnold Murray visited Turing’s house in Manchester multiple times before deciding to break into his house at a later time. It can be assumed that Murray worked with another partner and spilled information regarding the layout of Turing’s house in order to successfully break in. Following this event, Turing’s colleagues began avoiding him due to his “exposure”. In the United Kingdom, being exposed as a homosexual is the same as being labeled as a sexual predator. It’s a terrible label to have slapped on one’s forehead.

Turing went on trial, faced with twelve charges of gross indecency. He pleaded guilty on all twelve charges, and managed to avoid jail time. Instead, he was sentenced with mandatory treatment with a psychologist / medical practitioner.


My thoughts on the issue:

As i was researching information regarding Alan Turing, i came across a few articles that talked about his gross indecency charge in 1952. I clicked on the article thinking he urinated in public (or something along those lines), but was shocked to find out that he was charged with gross indecency for being a homosexual. WHAT? In the 1950s (In the UK), homosexuality was not only looked down upon, but it was also a crime. Arrests like Turing’s were common at the time, which is an extremely scary thought. Around 60 years ago, homosexuality was essentially banned and punishable by law in the United Kingdom.


DS106 Assignment:

Create your own Pokemon card.


For this particular assignment, i used a flash based pokemon card generator ( It’s a very simple “program”. Simply choose a picture from your computer and enter the name/attack/level/etc. After clicking the “process” button, i saved the image to my computer then uploaded it directly to this wordpress post.


I decided to go with Norbert Wiener (aka child prodigy / genius) for the Pokemon Card assignment. He was in his own league, to say the least. He was a mathematician, engineer, and philosopher. He graduated high school at the age of eleven, and was awarded a Ph.D at Harvard at the age of seventeen. Now, what was i doing when i was seventeen?…..Well, there goes my self-esteem. Oh yeah, did i mention he was also the originator of cybernetics? Wiener himself defined cybernetics as “the study of control and communication in the animal and the machine”. I found it to be more than necessary to award a man of such calibre with his very own Pokemon card. His “attacks” consist of what he was best known for; cybernetics and mathematics. While i was looking through google for an appropriate picture, i was very pleased to have come across a picture of him looking like he’s ready to attack. He was a truly a gifted individual who contributed a great amount to the field of technology.

What most experimenters take for granted before they begin their experiments is infinitely more interesting than any results to which their experiments lead.” 

-N. Wiener



This assignment is called the “Triple Troll Attack”.

“The assignment is to take a photo, a quote from a different character than the one in the picture, and a name from a third character different from the other two, place the quote in the picture, and “sign” it with the third person’s name. The three characters are to be from three different, but similar in genre, series” (via ds106)


I used a simple, flash based photo editor to create my project.

1. Find photo of subject

2. Drag and drop

3. Enter text, adjust placement


Photo: Douglas Engelbart

Quote: Bill Gates + Steve Jobs

Douglas Engelbart was an American internet and technology pioneer. He is best known for his contribution to the human-computer interaction or HCI. “This resulted in the invention of the computer mouse” (BBC: Man Behind The Mouse). Needless to say, he contributed a great amount to computer technology. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs need no introduction. They both revolutionized computer software and made it accessible to the world. I also thought it would be appropriate to combine Gates’ quote and Jobs’ name. Although they were “enemies” on the surface, they always held a deep sense of respect for one another. I believe Gates’ quote is very much connected with both Engelbart, and Steve Jobs (as well as himself), who were both pioneers and revolutionaries in their own regard. All three individuals will be (if not already) listed as the all time greats in the technology field.

Is this real life?

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It’s 8:30PM in Tokyo. I am currently video chatting with a friend in Los Angeles while checking the latest world news on google reader. How is this possible? No, it’s not global warming. It’s all thanks to what we commonly refer to as, the internet. The internet has become a vital part of my everyday life. I use it to keep in touch with family and friends, to stay updated with the news, and most importantly, to waste my life away on youtube and tumblr. It’s a limitless tool that changed the world as we knew it. Business meeting? Buying newspapers? Shopping at the mall? Please, thats so 1865. Thanks to the internet, we have been blessed with video conferencing,, and online shopping.

I will say this, however. Now that we are so interconnected on a global level, it seems that we have (more than ever before) distanced ourselves from one another in “real life”. Why call or meet up with a friend to catch up when everything there is to know about his or her life is all over facebook and twitter?

Don’t get me wrong, i love the internet. I really do. I think the internet is a beautiful thing. It allows the entire world to come together and communicate with one another. But i do believe it’s important to balance internet life and real life. When my mother’s birthday comes around next month, ill be sure to tweet her a happy birthday message call her and wish her a happy birthday.