The Lost Decade

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According to Dr. Bryan Alexander, there are four possible outcomes that will happen by the year 2022.

1. Phantom Learning

2. The Lost Decade

3. Alt. Residential

4. Renaissance

For this blog post, i decided to focus on “The Lost Decade” – my take on what will happen in the year 2022 according to Bryan Alexander.

Currently (2012), we are taking energy for granted, ignoring the cries of foreign countries for basic human needs (food, water, etc) and killing one another for territorial reasons. The world seems to be nothing but a large scale battlefield. Greed and corruption are the primary characteristics of today’s leaders. Children are starving, jobs are being cut, and lives are being taken unnecessarily. Can it get any worse? Well, according to Dr. Bryan Alexander, it is certainly a possibility….


Although Dr. Alexander focuses primarily on the education system, i believe that if we go down “the lost decade” path, the focus will shift towards humanity as a whole. Global economic meltdown, world hunger, poverty, disease, a perpetual drop in energy availability, etc. will cripple every possible sector on earth. In the year 2022, the earth will literally be fighting for it’s very life. Yes, it is true that many of these “events” are already occurring in many parts of the world, but we as Americans are none the less, relatively well off. Many of us still have the luxury of worrying about when the next iPad will be released. We are able to drive cars (well, not for long with the rising gas prices..), take the weekend off to relax, and enjoy the little things in life. None of this will be possible in the lost decade.

I understand that this blog post assignment requests that i talk about how my personal life will be effected in the year 2022, but I believe it is necessary to talk about the possible scenario on a global scale….

The streets will be in chaos, the government will completely discombobulate, and EVERYONE will be fighting to survive. The education system? What education system? Education as we know it will be distinguished. Colleges will begin closing it’s doors one by one due to lack of funding, students will drop out of school due toe the fact that no jobs are available, etc. Healthcare? no such thing. Services for the elderly and needy? None. Technology as we know it will come to a halt, for innovators will be non existent. Sounding a little too sci-fi? Not really. This is completely possible if the we continue to abuse our natural resources and harm one another needlessly. Human companionship as we know it will theoretically disappear. Every possible detrimental factor will be perpetuated into full effect during this time period (Murder, disease, starvation, malnutrition, etc). It truly will be the end of humanity as we know it.

Although what i mentioned above is certainly a (farfetched) possibility, i sincerely hope we do not walk this particular path. We as humans have the ability to create as much as we do the ability to destroy. We can love as well as hate. We all need to contribute what we can generously, and spend what we have sparingly. It is not too late to change the direction in which we are heading towards (TLD). We must think of possible long term consequences for every action we take as not only individuals, but as citizens of the world.


Discuss your thoughts and feelings about being a university student in the digital age. What do you hope to gain from your university experience. Do Campbell’s ideas about a personal cyberinfrastructure resonate with you? Explain why or why not.

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to integrate one’s life with the digital world. Just like how the pen and paper revolutionized the world years ago, digital technology has forever changed how we interact with one another. As a university student, i feel that being “digitally competent” is vital to succeed in today’s competitive ecosystem. HTML, servers, etc are all mandatory components of the educational system, and therefore it is essential that we integrate those tools into our lives. I appreciate the services that are offered thanks to the digital revolution. Whether it’s checking my grades online, or registering for classes with a few simple clicks, it has undoubtedly made life less stressful. It is the way of the future and it must be further perpetuated within the educational system.

In terms of “gaining something” from my university experience, I hope that I will gain the ability to use the digital world in a complementary manner with my college experience. I find it hard to pin point specific gains, for I lack the detailed knowledge of the digital world. Perhaps a way to boost productivity by utilizing certain tools? Learning how to operate the internet in a fashion that will allow me to reach a point i otherwise would not be able to? The possibilities are literally endless. It is up to the university to provide students like myself with digital age tools and services. I am up for anything my university throws at me. I look at every new experience as a “gain”.

Campbell’s ideas about a personal cyberinfrastructure certainly meets my criteria in terms of how I would like my university to handle this change of pace we are facing as a society. It starts with the faculty, who must lead by example. As students, we will follow them into the digital age and explore the world which has yet to fully blossom. Sugar coating the digital world with subpar tools is simply not acceptable. The faculty and staff must fully explore the possibilities of digital integration into school systems in order for students to progress and succeed.

Assignment: For this assignment, select scenes from 3-5 movies. These scenes should represent scenes that changed your life or made some sort of dramatic, traumatic, lasting, or emotional impact on you. When you have selected those scenes, create a video that shows the scenes and includes audio/video of you describing what it is about the scene that made a significant impact on you, what you are fond of about the scenes, what scares you, what you remember thinking when you were a child, etc. Feel free to be liberal in your interpretation of the instructions. Keep in mind, however, that the primary point is to recall 3-5 movie scenes that have made a lasting impact on you (whatever the reason for that impact may be.)

Link to Assignment: Movie Scenes That Changed Our Lives

Process: Due to the fact that my (90s) computer does not have audio output, i decided to utilize YouTube to extract three scenes from my all time favorite movies. I then proceeded to write up a brief summary for each clip, describing how it changed my life. It also doesn’t help that i lack the video editing skills to make a mashup video with all the clips together. Please excuse the variation!

Ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu….

3. The Lion King


My favorite childhood movie…The Lion King! As a child, this movie taught me the importance of family. Simba’s relationship with his father made me appreciate my father and everything he has done for me. In the scene provided, Simba’s father dies and he is heart broken. This scene definitely stuck to me throughout my teenage years.

2. The Bucket List


The Bucket List…lord have mercy! I’m not the type to cry when watching movies, but this one really hit me hard with allergies. This movie really taught me the importance of living life to the fullest. It also portrayed the beauty of human companionship. This scene in particular was the nail in the coffin for me. The speech Edward gave at Carter’s funeral made me shed a tear (don’t tell anyone). Just three months ago, they were strangers…

“I hope it doesn’t sound selfish of me but the last months of his life were the best months of mine”

1. Shawshank Redemption 


This is a scene from my favorite movie of all time; The Shawshank Redemption. It was the first movie that really opened my eyes in terms of having a positive outlook on life. In this particular scene, Andy persuades one of the guards to buy his entire “crew” beer in exchange for doing some paperwork for the IRS. This scene changed the tone of the entire movie in the best way possible. It shed a glimmer of light in a seemingly hopeless situation. Yes, these men are prisoners behind bars, but at that particular moment in time, they were FREE MEN! The best part is, Andy doesn’t even drink! He apparently “gave up drinking”. He took one for the team, and the team knew it.

Friends, cold beer, and a prison rooftop. Really, does it get much better than that?


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Assignment: Choose the sentence from the first five paragraphs of Gardner Campbell’s Personal Cyberinfrastructure essay that most appeals to you. Briefly describe how and why that sentence appeals to you (one or two paragraphs should suffice – unless you need more).


“At the turn of the century, higher education looked in the mirror and, seeing its portals, its easy-to-use LMSs, and its “digital campuses,” admired itself as sleek, youthful, attractive. But the mirror lied.”

Campbell stresses the importance of higher education embracing the ever-changing content of the digital world, and incorporating those elements into their system.This particular sentence caught my attention because it couldn’t be more true. In today’s day and age, basic HTML is not enough to properly perpetuate higher education to the next level. Higher education institutes nationwide are too content with their (much too late) implementation of basic online features. It is vital that higher education use more complex elements from the digital web in order to move forward as an institution. Both faculty and students must have a decent understanding of the web, and should be able to use it to their advantage. . Online grades, adding and dropping of classes are a thing of the past. The institutions must strive for more complex elements in order to stay relevant in the online world. Both the faculty and students must embrace these elements in order to perpetuate forward. Being satisfied with basic online features won’t get you far. The web changes in a blink of an eye. The web doesn’t stop for anyone, so neither should the education sector. It is vital for higher education to move forward with the changing content and features of the web.

Keep up and stay up!

Link to the assignment: Police Beat 


Essentially, identify an innocent seeming song that advocates some odd/criminal behavior and reformat it as a police report style article. My example based on “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” is below.




MARCH 10TH, 2012

Acclaimed Italian eurodance group, Eiffel 65 (Jeffrey Jey, Maurizio Lobina, Gabry Ponte) has been arrested for allegedly painting sixteen women, ten vehicles, three churches, and eight houses blue.They were arrested approximately five blocks from their home in Naples, Italy. The exact brand of paint used is unknown, but is currently being investigated by crime scene investigators. Witnesses claim the three men were yelling “Im blue, da ba dee da ba dee” as they were painting everything in sight with an unknown blue substance.

Witness and local farmer Marco Materazzi said the three men were most likely drunk, if not clinically insane.

Alessandro Del Piero, a clinical psychotherapist at the Naples Hospital of Mental Care warns the public that although the three men are mentally unstable, and should be avoided at all costs. “In my professional opinion, Eiffel 65 must be kept in police custody for as long as possible, for they are a possible threat to the general public of Naples. They have an unhealthy obsession with the color blue.”

The three men are currently under custody, pending over 20 charges for vandalism, destruction of property, assault with a deadly weapon (unknown blue substance), public indecency, etc.

Total Damage: Estimated to be over $200,000 USD.

Linke to the assignment: Google Maps Story 

Assignment: Use Google Maps to tell a story! It can be the story of a trip you took, a trip you would like to take, a strange occurrence, a war, anything you like! The only rules are that you have to use Google Maps proper in order to tell your story, and post it here

Process: I used google maps to creation a set of directions, and used screenshots taken via google maps to help tell the story.


My trip to Japan (quite possibly the most cost effective method) last August…..

My expedition began in Los Angeles, my hometown…


It was a 35 day trip, consisting of blood, sweat, and tears. I could have spent $2000 on a round trip plane ticket, but instead i chose to travel “green” (goodbye jet fuel).

It started off quite nicely, cruising along highways and empty streets. It was as if I was in a movie, my hair blowing in the wind while driving a convertible. But as we all know, good things don’t last forever…

Here was the next set of instructions given to me:


Wait…what? Kayak for 2,756 miles? Ok, challenge accepted.

11 days later, i finally arrived in Hawaii. I was exhausted, but felt like Bear Grills.

I decided to stop by a local hawaiian restaurant (not eating for 11 days is tough, trust me).


Food has entered my system, Awesome.

After spending a few hours digesting food, it was back to the Kayak. This time i had to kayak across the pacific ocean to enter Japan….here we go.


3,879 miles later, i was in JAPAN!!!!!

Random shore i ended up at (somewhere in Japan):


I was exhausted, but i knew i had to stay strong. I stopped by a local sushi restaurant to reward myself.


It was the best sushi i’ve ever eaten in my life. I took out my cellphone to call my grandparents (they were in Kyoto at the time), but i realized that my phone was drenched from the kayaking, so i was unable to let them know that i arrived.

DAY 35:


It was a long and exhausting trip, but it was definitely worth it. I had $2000 in my pocket (which subsequently had to be spent on medical bills due to the intense kayaking strain on both my arms), a smile on my face, and most importantly, a sense of accomplishment. I’ll definitely be taking the same route when i go back to the states this summer.


Link to assignment: One Story Four Icons 


This idea was first suggested by Tom Woodward and has been a long standing popular ds106 assignment, but mis-filed in the Visual Assignments category (see the 80+ examples done there). This is really a design task, so hang ’em here from now on. The assignment is to reduce a movie, story, or event into its basic elements, then take those visuals and reduce them further to simple icons, four of them. Write your blog post up but do not give away the answer, let people guess! The challenge is to find the icons that suggest the story, but do not make it so easy.

Process: I took pictures (or icons) from microsoft word and/or my collection of random images on my computer. I put them together on microsoft word, and took a screenshot of the image. Then i posted it directly onto the blog.


Unfortunately, i am unable to provide you guys with the title of the movie. Take a look at the four icons i put together…maybe you can guess what movie it is! Its definitely a childhood classic (for us 90s kids).

Good luck!

Images taken from microsoft word and my “online photo collection” (unable to track down original creator).